Whats causing your rosacea?

This is a long term inflammatory condition that affects about one in ten people. The flare up that comes with this is hard to conceal and can be physically and mentally upsetting for the person.

It usually effects the nose, cheeks chin and forehead. It can be redness, flushing, tingling and burning and sometimes clients have pustules and papules which are dome like in shape. Its quite commen in fair haired clients and often in skin that naturally blushes.

A lot of the issue with rosacea is that it is activated by oil in your skin and will start with flushing and redness. Triggers for rosacea can include spices, hot food, red wine, beer, gin and vodka. It can also get worse with cardiovascular exercise. The sun is another factor for causing flare ups.

The key to rosacea is to treat early on and making sure your skin barrier is performing at its best. I stock an amazing range of products which are perfect for rosacea. Its called the Ultra Soothing range from Eve Taylor and Ive had some amazing results with clients using this. I also have an amazing facial for this as well. Why not book in today for a consultation?

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