Before we look at starting your brows a full and detailed consultation will be required.

During your appointment

A full consultation to ensure I understand what you require and we can talk about what can be achieved. I will pre draw the shape you want and go through pigment options with you. Each person brows are tailored to suit them. There will be a top up brow appointment at 6-8 weeks. 

I offer powder brows and hairstroke brows. 

Before having your brows done

Discontinue vitamin a /retinol products 2 weeks before

Do not have any facial peels for 2 weeks before

Do not fake tan your face and wait 2 weeks after any sunburn

Do not wax or tint your brows for 4 days before

Do not have alcohol for 24 hours before

Avoid getting brows wet for 10 days after your treatment

Do not use any make up, cleanser or other product for 10 days afterwards

Avoid sunbathing and sun beds for 10 days

Avoid sauna and steam room for 2 weeks

Avoid the gym and working out for 2  weeks

Please bear in mind brows will be much darker when you have them done and will fade over time. 

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