Lash and Brow lamination

Brow lamination

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination has recently arrived in the UK, having originated in Russia.  The technique will give you a uniform, full eyebrow shape, and offers the ultimate solution for eyebrows that lack symmetry or have hairs that follow an uneven growth pattern. 

With lamination we can realign the brows to give you the shape that you desire.  The treatment solve the problem of unruly brows, creating volume, length, and healthy looking brows instead.  The results last for 6-8 weeks. 

Brow Lamination is a two step process.  The first step involves a solution being applied to the brows to make them softer or more malleable.   After this the brows are brushed into the desired shape and a laminating solution is applied to keep them in place.  The laminating solution is a protein composition of keratin and silicone which will encourage your natural brows to grow by protecting them.

How long does a Brow Lamination treatment take?

The treatment process will take around 45-60 minutes and the results will last for 6–8 weeks.  

What are the benefits of Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination has many benefits.  It will:

–  Add length and volume to your eyebrows.

–  Open up your eye area by ‘lifting’ the brow.

–  Eliminate stray hairs on brows that are growing in unwanted directions.

–  Give your brows a healthier and more youthful appearance.

–  Produce natural looking brows with a perfect shape.

–  Make your brows super easy to style – all you will need to do is brush them into the required shape. You will also need to apply a little castor oil or hair conditioner to keep them in condition

– Encourage natural brow growth by creating a protective coating around the hair.

– Offer a pain free, non-permanent solution to creating the perfect brows.

Will the results of Brow Lamination look natural? 

Brow Lamination will offer you beautifully shaped brows that you can wake up to every morning.  

Is Brow Lamination suitable for everyone? 

Brow Lamination is suitable for anyone who is unhappy with the shape of their brows.   It works well for both thin brows and thick, unruly brows.

It works particularly well for anyone wishing to grow out sparse areas of their brows or improve the shape of their brows.


A lash lift appointment usually takes 45 minutes and inlcudes a tint

Who is eyelash lift and tint recommended for?


An eyelash lift treatment lifts lashes that grow straight or downwards. So, it is recommended for you if your lashes are:

Disordered or criss-crossing;

Long and rigid and you want to make them more manageable and curled

You want something easy maintenance that lasts for weeks

Not suitable if you have very short lashes

It’s your go-to treatment also if:

  • you want to take a break from your eyelash extension regime;

  • you’re allergic to eyelash extensions but still want beautiful lashes.

With both treatment you will need to kep lashes and brows dry for 24 hours. 

Please do not have any tinting done in the run up to both treatments. 

Please avoid all AHA creams, Retinoids, Niacinamide in the run up to your treatment for brows. Please ask me if your unsure.

Treatment is only available for over 16's. Its alos not suitable for those breast feeding or pregnant

Please see the following reasons to treat with caution or not at all

  • Cataract -. I will need a letter from your GP

  • Diabetic retinopathy - A letter from GP stating the client is suitable for treatment 

  • Glaucoma - A letter from GP stating the client is suitable for treatment 

  • Herpes simplex/eye infections/ folliculitis – Not suitable for treatment whilst infected

  • Psoriasis/Eczema – Not suitable for treatment if in the treatment area

  • Conjunctivitis - Not suitable for treatment whilst infected

  • Dry eye syndrome/ watery eyes -Not suitable for treatment.

  • Contact lenses – Must be removed before treatment

  • Trichotillomania – Not suitable for treatment

  • Alopecia -Not suitable for treatment

  • Blepharitis – Not suitable for treatment

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding - There is no evidence based research to confirm if certain products could affect an expectant mother or baby therefore not recommended for pregnant women as a safety precaution.

  • Recent Lasik Surgery - Must wait 6 weeks after the 2nd procedure.

  • Recent Permanent Make up- Must wait 4 weeks after 2nd procedure.

  • Clients who have cuts, abrasions, inflammation or swelling in the treatment area or who have experienced a positive reaction to the patch test are not suitable for treatment.

  • Hay fever – Not suitable for treatment

  • Eyelift - Must wait 4 to 6 MONTHS after the operation 

  • No treatment if you are unergoing chemotherapy and for a few months afterwards