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Henna colour

Henna is unlike other brow tints. Tints penetrate the cuticle and enter the cortex to change your hair colour. Henna coats the hair shafter instead. The results are softer and smoother hair. Henna will strengthen and condition your hair. Its perfect for covering grey hairs and it will also lesson hair loss in the brows. 

Henna containts PPD (Paraphenyledediamine) which is widely used in hair dye. 

Henna lasts for 7-14 days on skin and up to 8 weeks on hair

Hybrid tinting 

Hybrid tinting is a gel product that permanently dyes the hair and grows out. It lasts up to 2 weeks on skin and up to 7 weeks on hair. It does stain the skin. 

I can also offer normal tint that doesnt dye the skin. 

Sun beds can affect hair colour so best avoided 

Avoid cleansing products on and around the brow if you want them to last longer

When you book your brow tinting with me I will ask you to come in for a patch test. A small amount is applied to your inner arm in the crease. This should be left on and washed off in an hour with just water. If you are allergic you will see redness or swelling or feel the area itchy. If you are in doubt then please message me. 

Please avoid all water for 48 hours after your brow treatment

Henna is only available to those over 16

Henna is not suitable for those breast feeding or pregnant 

You can not have henna and lamination in the same appointment. I recommend having tinting instead