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What is dermaplaning?

Its a simple and safe procedure which exfoliates the epidermis and takes away the fine vellus hair. It has been used for many years and has recently become very popular. 

Deluxe Dermaplaning £45

This treatment starts with a double cleanse and then we remove the dead skin cells using a blade. This is followed by a steam facial, extraction, jelly mask targeted to your skin type. Perfect for those with blackheads who want a deeper treatment. This is for any skin type as its tailored to you individually.

Luxuy dermaplaning £38

A double cleanse is started followed by your dermaplaing. Then we use an algae mask to soothe and hydrate the skin. Each mask is tailored to your skin type. This is followed by a targeted serum and moisturiser. 

Who is it for? 

Most people can have it apart from anyone with excessive oily skin or acne

Who is it not suitable for?

Anyone with the following

Diabetes not controlled with medication

Accutane within last 12 months

Cancer patients having had treatment in last 12 months

People on high doses of asprin or blood thinning medication

Keloid scarring

Cystic acne

Sunbrunt skin 

Anyone has had a skin peels in last 2 weeks

Anyone that has laser therapy in last 4 weeks

Anyone who had injectables 2 weeks before and after


  • NO sunbeds for 2 weeks

  • NO heat treatments for 48hrs

  • NO holidays for 2 weeks.

  • NO gym, sauna, swimming for 48hrs.

  • NO Botox, beauty treatment on face 2 weeks before/after.

  • NO strong retinol, glycolic or prescription products for 5 days prior/after.

  • Mineral makeup can be worn first 24hrs.

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